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8 Best Alternatives of Skype Video Calling

  • 1) Viber

Viber Alternative of Skype

Viber is a free messaging and Voice over application (VoIP). It’s one of the most popular videos calling application. This application contains all the required components for communication. It must be ensured that both communicators should have installed Viber application in their system.  The user can send videos, images,  and can make voice and video calls.

You can use this application on Smartphones  (Android and IoS), Desktops (windows as well as on Mac).


  • 2) Google hangouts

It’s the best alternative to skype.  You can make a video call or chat with your colleagues for free. Best part you don’t need to download any application it’s web-based just log in with your Gmail ID and Hangout with your friends.


  • 3) Uberconference


  • It is specially designed for business meetings. You can create a group of 10 people and can make a video call to that group, at the same time you can send instant messages or chat during video calling. For 10 people group, it’s free and you want to add more use paid one.


  • 4) Appear.in

Appear in

  • It’s web based application. Very easy to video calling. You don’t need to download any application.  Just go on their site create room and share that link with whom you want to do video call. You can also share the screen.


  • 5) VSee

It is becoming popular as an alternative skype calling.  You can make group video calls as well.

It enables to share your screen but only 1 screen sharing per day, but to share it with more people then you need buy paid service. It runs on Windows and Mac.


  • 6) Facetime


This application is designed by apple so it works only on iOS devices. It offers voice calls, instant messaging and video calling. It doesn’t allow group video calling. It supports 20 languages.


  • 7) IMO


IMO is becoming very popular nowadays for video calling. You can do voice call as well. Making video calls on IMO  is very simple and easy. It is available for Android as well as for iOS devices. It’s totally free.

8) OOvOO

Very simple to use and it’s free. Video call/chat quality is very high. It supports Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS. 12 people can attend video chat altogether. Best part when you call your friends they need to have OOvOO. They can answer on Facebook as well. It’s paid service allows calling on mobile phones and landline.

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