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Basic – Internet Of Things – IoT – What is it?


Internet Of Things – IoT – What is it?

IoT is going to change our life all the way.

IoT is the most discussed thing in the latest technology trends, especially it dominated 2016 on various debates and technology forums.

Still many people are not familiar with this concept.

IoT is “Internet of Things”. It is actually interconnection of physical devices, vehicles, smart devices, software and sensors etc. for data exchanging and proper course of action. We can simply call it infrastructure of the information society. We can say it virtual internet connection between everything which we see around us like buses, computers, shops, people almost everything. All this communication will be done automatically without any human interference. It is going to speed up our whole system. We are going to be the primary beneficiary.

System to system communication provides better efficiency and accuracy. Most importantly it will save our time.

We will see some advantages of Iot –

  • In retail sector it is going make system very efficient. Inventory can be easily managed. RFID tag will be used to track location of products. It can be monitored through single interface system.
  • In transportation industry it will bring drastic change. Transport vehicles can be located very easily. Road side assistance would be easy for break down vehicles.
  • Health Sector – To keep track record of health status of a patient at home is a difficult task specially in case of Old aged patients. With the help of IoT hospital can track health report. It integrates health sensor, temperature sensor etc.

By the end of 2020 it is believed that IoT will consist of around 50 billion devices.

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