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How to start with Twitter and build your own personal brand – For Beginners


Twitter has changed the dimension of the Social media industry.

Posting on Twitter is all about 140 Characters. 140 seems very small. Right! Everyone thinks so. Small steps make you big. There are few steps that you need to follow on twitter.

    • 1) Your Profile Image – Once you are on twitter your personal branding matters a lot. Your profile images play an important role. Must use your professional image People will recognise you by your profile image when they scroll their newsfeed. Twitter recommends using 400 * 400 pixels.
    • 2) Bio – Utilise this space for your field of proficiency. Your Bio represents your expertise.

    • 3) Cover Photo – It is the biggest space you will find it on Twitter. Your cover photo is kind of visual representation of your business. It should be related to your business which are promoting on twitter.
    • 4) Quality content – Sharing quality content is the most important part in building up your own personal brand. Good content will engage you more with visitors. Use you content with Image, it increases your post visibility by 190%.
      Key factors to watch content post –
      • • Re Tweets
      • • Likes
      • • Impressions
      • • Replies

  • 5) Use of Hashtag – It’s very popular everyone knows it. It makes your content visible to the larger audience. The power of hashtag can customise your own topic to start a conversation with the audience.


Sign up on Twitter and build your own brand. Stay connected with me. In coming posts, we will go in detail and discuss several aspects of Social Media.


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